Jimini Hignett was born in England, grew up in Edinburgh, and lived in London, New York, Moscow and Havana before settling in Amsterdam.
Predominantly self-taught, she has worked extensively in the arts – performing, set-designing, film-making – and at various other jobs, including court-jester, roller-skating waitress, saxophone repairer, translator, plumber and chimpanzee, before finding her calling as an artist and coming to the conclusion that in the current disastrous, global political situation, in order for art to be valid it needs to be radical, activist, co-operative and passionate…
Her scenario, ‘The Portrait of Natasha’ (1991), was awarded first prize at the International Documentary festival in Amsterdam, (published in ‘Het Nederlands Scenario’). ‘The Detroit Diary’ (2010) received the Best Swiss Book Award. Other publications include ‘How To Go On Making Art When Everything is All Fucked Up’ (2008).
For a more extensive CV see http://howtogoon.com/index.php/c-v/